Nano Products

Nano has already found its way into lots of products you use every day, from clothing to tennis racquets. In fact, if you strolled around your home you’d  Probably find dozens of products manufactured using some kind of nanotechnology.The consumer […]

Graphene batteries and Power banks

What are they and why are they a big deal? Smartphone battery technology is pretty good these days. But if there’s one thing gadget lovers will never be able to get enough of it’s the promise of better battery life. […]


We launched ICNQT with a bold vision: to create game-changing, next-generation battery technologies that will transform transportation and the electricity grid the way lithium-ion batteries transformed personal electronics. This bold vision addresses pressing national needs to reduce carbon emissions, increase […]

Smart Gadget

A smart gadget is a wearable electronics device with advanced mobile components that combine features of mobile devices with innovative features useful for mobile or handheld use. Smart gadget combines the features of a mobile devices, such as the abilities […]

Covid-19 Detector Ring

This ring can measure the heartbeat and body temperature and can store medical records, blood group, drugs that patient has allergy to them, drugs that patient use them and doctors who visit them and disease records. It connects by NFC […]

Nano PCM

ICNQT researchers work on developing capacity of PCM with nano technology project and find high capacity and eco friendly types of PCM in this project. Introduction to Thermal Energy Storage Passive processes for thermal energy storage have received a lot […]

Nano Spray

Anti Wet, Anti Dirt Nano Spray for textile and leather is a product based on nano-science. The spray product forms an intelligent anti-stain protection.
It covers every single fiber with an invisible, UV-stable and vapor permeable layer. Look, touch and color […]

Super Aluminum-Graphene Battery

“Super” aluminum-graphene battery that can be fully charged in 5 seconds and then last for two hours. Novel aluminum-graphene battery that is more cold-resistant, can work in temperatures ranging from -40 C to 120 C and is less flammable. The […]

Super Absorbent Polymer Water Retainer

Super Absorbent Polymer Water Retainer for Farming, Agriculture & Horticulture high performance; high purity super absorbent polymer based water retainers scientifically formulated using an innovative cross-linked co-polymer of acrylamide and potassium acrylate. super absorbent polymers have a range of applications […]

Natural Plant Antifreeze

Natural Plant Antifreeze helps to protect plants from cold harm and freezing. This is because it is freeze resistant and lowers the freezing point of the plant. This characteristic gives  Natural Plant Antifreeze the capability to assist plants against undesired […]