The product is a high-tech product manufactured by our company lately. The product can  form a nano protection film while spraying or coating the product on ceramic, plastic, wood, glass, fiber, paint and various hard coating surfaces. The film has strong antibacterial and bacteriostatic function. Tested by the authorized departments , the bacteriostatic rate of relevant products reaches 99.99%.


Product Features

– Appearance: colorless and transparent liquid.
– Use easily: use brush directly coating or spray gun to spray only.
– Good effect of sterilization and deodorization.
– Safe and reliable, nontoxic and flavorless, bright and beautiful, environment protection.
– Without drug resistance for various bacteria.
– No change on the color of original treated surface.
Product Application
Widely used for the antibacterial treatment of external and internal surface of electric appliance such as refrigerator, washing machine, air-conditioner, television, telephone and computer etc.
Widely used for the surface antibacterial treatment of floor, carpet, furniture, wallpaper, sanitary wares and marble, etc.
Widely used for the environmental treatment of hospital, restaurant, club, kindergarten and beadhouse.