Is a non-addictive and non-invasive therapy to alleviate inflammation and pain from muscles and joints. Cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, consists of applying ice or cold onto the injured area to help reduce pain and swelling by slowing down blood flow, and is often used as the primary therapy. Once the swelling recedes, heat therapy helps to open up the blood vessels, increasing blood flow in the affected area, supplying oxygen and nutrients to help reduce pain and relax sore muscles.


  1. a) Medicare available for hot or cold compress
  2. b) Necessary as a first-aid for every family in daily life

Cold: headache, fever, pain, heat stroke, burns, muscle strains, sprains, traumatic bleeding, beauty and so on.

Hot : arthritis, rheumatism, dysmenorrhea, stomach discomfort,    cervical spondylitis, sciatica, lumbar muscle strain.

  1. C) Long-distance cold storage and transportation of biochemical reagent veterinary drug, plasma, vaccine, aquaculture product, and keeping-fresh food.
  2. D) Save electriciy and keep cold, release cold and keep refrigerator at the refrigeratig temperature when power off.



  1. Is made of biological material by high-tech process. It is clean, nontoxic, elastic, and gluey.
  2. Has a high cold capacity, so excels in keeping cold.
  3. Can be widely used safely without contamination.
  4. Is reusable.



Instructions for use

Cold: place in the freezer or refrigerator freezer .
Hot : apply directly into the boiling water and cook a few minutes

or heat in microwave oven.




2.For hot external use only.

3 Please don’t use it directly after boiling,take care of the high temperature.

3.Do not puncture,If bag breaks and fluid contacts skin or eyes,flush area with large amounts of water  immediately.

4.Do not swallow contents.If contents accidently swallowed,drink large amounts of water and contact a  physician.

5.Keep out of reach of children under adult supervision