This ring can measure the heartbeat and body temperature and can store medical records, blood group, drugs that patient has allergy to them, drugs that patient use them and doctors who visit them and disease records. It connects by NFC with an application in mobile. In this application you can enter result of your medical test results and system can analysis them with artificial intelligence and give consult to you and if necessary refer you to doctors.

This ring is equipped with GPS system to  determine person’s location in critical situation like earthquake, flood or Covid-19 and inform the the person’s traffic locations to medical center and send alarms to other people who were on that locations too to refer for medical test or stay in quarantine.

It uses cloud space to store photos, videos and files and has ability to store bank cards and certificates, usability instead of phone passwords and computer systems, ability to use instead of personnel entry and exit card, ability to store academic records and medical records.

And if the heartbeat or body temperature increases higher than threshold it send alerts automatically.

This ring does not need any external energy and works with body temperature. It is anti allergy and waterproof and can be made in customizes forms and sizes.

Material : Stainless Steel

Colors: Black, White, Blue, Gold & Silver

Size 6(Dia): 16.4mm/0.65inch(Approx.)

Internal Perimeter:51.8mm Size 7(Dia): 17.3mm/0.68inch(Approx.)

Internal Perimeter:54.4mm Size 8(Dia): 18.1mm/0.71inch(Approx.)

Internal Perimeter:56.5mm Size 9(Dia): 18.9mm/0.74inch(Approx.)

Internal Perimeter:59.5mm Size 10(Dia): 19.7mm/0.78inch(Approx.)

Internal Perimeter:62.1mm Size 11(Dia): 20.6mm/0.81inch(Approx.)

Internal Perimeter:64.6mm Size 12(Dia): 21.4mm/0.84inch(Approx.)

Internal Perimeter:67.2mm